It’s all go at the Corner Garage. The gas station attendant is filling up a trendy blue scooter and the owner, Jo, has just arrived in the tow truck together with her faithful dog. Jo’s vehicle workshop has all you need for car service and repairs, including a large roll-up door, tool rack and trolley, tire mounter and vehicle lift. There's even a handy kiosk located right next door! Meanwhile, at the mid-level animal clinic, the vet is worriedly examining his bent goldfish while a young girl waits patiently with her bunny, entertained by a TV blaring from the single guy’s apartment on the upper level. Up in the apartment there’s a small well-equipped kitchen, sofa and a staircase leading to a rooftop terrace, where the single guy is relaxing on his sun lounger in the shade of a colorful parasol. This awesome addition to the LEGO® Modular Buildings series is home to a multitude of details, features and functions that will spark your imagination!

LEGO Corner Garage 10264

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